Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Range for Marks & Spencer

Apologies that the 'Wedding Wednesday' theme has been postponed for a little while. It's been rather hectic at the #surfacepatternecourse HQ & with licensing & running my own label it's all gone a bit mad! I LOVE the unknown & the craziness of it all. I wouldn't have it any other way...:)

Still on the theme of 'love' I'd like to share with you a selection of snapshots that showcase my pattern on a Valentine's range for Marks & Spencer. It's such a great feeling when you see your designs in the shops! (I have been known to watch over people when they buy my work, I stand there grinning...people must I'm a very strange)

I designed the surface pattern & this Valentine's card for the talented Tigerprint studio & much to my surprise my pattern swatch was used across their whole range of gift bags.

Thank you Tigerprint!


  1. Looks absolutley fabulous Rachael, you talented little bod. I do that thing too, watching to see if anyone buys your card etc, or what they might say about it. But these look splendid. You create for the best, someone else missed out big time, tee hee ;) X

  2. I absolutely love this line, Rachel--in America, bl, red and white are so in and the metallics--divine!


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