Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspirational window displays...

Good morning everyone & happy Monday!

One of the many great things about living in Leeds... the beautifully designed shop windows! Every season there is new set of inspiring displays to gawp at & around Valentine's Day they were especially fantastic! A couple of them have a vintage vibe showing that vintage is still ruling the trends for 2012! And of course lots and lots of hearts were used, with beautiful reds and pinks to make them pop! My favourites include the Clark's, Thornton's and Clinton's displays, you can't go wrong with vintage bicycles, birdcages and typewriters. I also especially love the HUGE cupcake display in Louis Vuitton! Yum! Pictures were also taken from Debenhams, Diesel; FCUK, Dr Martens, River Island, Monsoon, Louis Vuitton, Thomas Sabo and Paperchase.

Enjoy! Kelly :)


  1. These are great! My sister is a window designer for Monsoon & Accessorize, I must remember to show her these! x

    1. love love their displays and need some advise for a there anyway i can get in touch with your sister?

  2. Vintage bikes indeed! I used a vintage beach bike in one of my store window displays(for Halloween) with a skeleton riding the bike in a long fushia wig with a stuff toy from Star Wars character (Yoda) in its basket like the ET movie - people loved it, they took many pics of it...and I had so many requests for people wanting to purchase the bike which of course I had to say no.... since I had just purchased it from someone who owed me money - lol

    I, like so many others in your pattern class are so looking forward to seeing more inspirational images you picked up from your trip to Paris!


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