Friday, February 17, 2012

Premier Vision & Indigo!

This week has been wonderful, I LOVE Paris! I feel truly blessed that I traveled to Paris for work!

I'll be sharing some trend snippets & show research on the blog over the next coming weeks. We are also thrilled to share an exclusive trend report with our e-course class.

The design world is fascinating, it's something I will never find boring! My life lately is super hectic, crazy & demanding...I wouldn't have it any other way, I love my job:)

*All images taken from the Premier VisionIndigo websites.


  1. Wow Rachael! It must be wonderful to be there!
    Enjoy! And tell us everything when you come back!

  2. love the fonts on their ads too - colors subtle and poppy simultaneously! How fantastic - looking forward (along with everyone else) in the class to see what you share with us... Je suis tellement excité et impatient de voir Quoi de neuf dans Paris comme à définir les tendances!


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