Monday, July 1, 2013

Module 1 Showcase - Part 1!

Welcome to another fantastic showcase featuring the work of our fantastically talented Module 1 students from 'The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (the e-course)'! In Module 1: Designing Your Way our students learn everything they need to know to turn basic sketches into elements for pattern design. We are always super proud of the work our students create, we hope you love them as much as we do!

Moody 'Reflection' by Liz Plummer 

As a textile artist I realised that I felt more at home in shops than art galleries with pristine white walls and that maybe my art belonged there too!  Module 1 has pulled me out of the doldrums and I loved the way we went right back to basics - I'm feeling excited about creating and designing for the first time in ages and I can't wait to start Module 2.

Deep & rich 'Wild Roses' by AileenTu

I really appreciated that the course provided a structure for developing designs in a way that incorporated inspiration and exploration as well as focused assignments. This balance helped me to explore what my style is as a designer, and though I'm still figuring it out, I feel like I've been given the tools to find my way.

Bright neon 'Bear Heads Lime' by Anne Marie Mathews

The most powerful element of the course has been to realise how important it is to nurture our hand drawing skills. Thank you for the great course!

Graphic 'deVine' by Brandi Powell

This course has been an amazing opportunity to experiment and learn. The lessons are fun and very creative. It is also invaluable to have a group of like-minded artists to grow and share with.

Strong lines in 'Fall Blossoms' by Fernanda Ogarrio Compe├ín

This course has given me the confidence to undestand that you don't have to be good to feel happy. It has been a very enjoyable learning experience along with the very supportive and friendly community group. Highly recommended!

'Space Wrap' by Gillian Neish

The course has been jam packed with amazing information, hints and tips, and wonderful creative people. It has really helped me to focus over the 5 weeks and try lots of new things. Thank you.

Cute 'Owl' by Jess Lea Wilson

The course has helped me create new ideas as well as clarify technical details. The community aspect of the course has been very helpful.

Painterly 'Banana Leaves' by Julia Fullerton

The most powerful element of the course for me has been the feeling of liberation that I have gotten through Rachael's class. Her constant encouragement to just be free and have fun and explore, and to trust the process.

Colourful 'Folk Design ' by MelissaWatts

This course has opened my eyes to the exciting and most enjoyable world of pattern design. As someone who has played at creating pattern before enrolling, this course has taken me right back to basics,  enabling me to have a solid foundation on which to develop and improve on in the future. Who knew there was so much to pattern design!

Grey illustrated leaves by Margaret Applin

'Mexi Cali' by Tasha Stanton

This course has helped me develop as a designer by seeing that others really are doing it. By breaking it into manageable, learnable steps and creating a wonderful encouraging forum to learn from each other you have inspired me to do what I have only dreamed of until now.

Spiky 'Berry Bright' by Victoria McTavish

Module 1 has definitely reignited my passion for design and without question has been the best course I’ve undertaken! I’ve loved every aspect of the course, which has not only taught me some great skills but has also helped me to realise my dream (of many years) of becoming a surface pattern designer. Looking forward to the next part of the journey onto Module 2 and 3.

If you are interested in ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (the e-course)’ we are thrilled to announce we are running a new series (starting on August 19th 2013). Register here. Also, don’t miss out on our next run of Module 2 ‘Creating Your Professional identity’ which is running 19th August 2013! The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design featuring Rachael Taylor Module 1: Designing your way Module 2: Creating your professional identity Module 3: Monetising your designs ... brought to you by Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls Rachael on Twitter: @rachtdesign Beth on Twitter: @DoWhatYouLoveXx


  1. Everyone's work is amazing! It is so nice to see them all in one place. Great job everyone and thank you so much to Rachael for such an awesome class. I am so grateful to have found ABSPD!

    xoxo - Brandi

  2. Thank you so much for an amazing class! I'm looking forward to Module 2! I'll be referring back to lessons again in the meantime. It's wonderful to be included in your showcase and I'm looking forward to seeing your next installment!


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