Thursday, July 4, 2013

Module 1 Showcase - Part 4

Yet more fantastic designs to share with you today from our gifted Module 1 students of the surface pattern e-course

Detailed 'Paper Balls' by Penny Hartrick

This course has opened my eyes & encouraged me look closer around me & that even the smallest things can excite & inspire, as well as reminding me of how much I love to just draw with a pencil & paper and not always feeling the need to do it on the computer. It has also given me the confidence to explore & experiment more by trying new things & thinking differently while not to worry if it's not quite right. Thank you so much I feel like a new person.

Bright 'Folk Scarf by Amanda Prouten

A year ago I decided I wanted to ditch the boring office job day-dreamed that I could find a way to make a living doodling in vibrant colour for the rest of my life. I had no idea how to go about it until I started this course. I have learned so much in such a short time, and my head is now always brimming with fresh ideas. This course has reignited my creative spark and set me on a new path! Rachael and Beth, thank you both so much. I am so grateful and please I did the course.

Illustrative 'Hostas' by Ariane Khachatourians

Taking ABSPD's first module has opened my eyes up to the breadth of possibilities of surface pattern design. It's helped me turn my artistic vision into practical design ideas, and given me a lot of the tools I'll need to make the jump from hobbyist to professional.

'Mehndi Circles' by Beth Sheard

I have been truly inspired by module 1 of The art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. I knew I hadn't completely lost my love for designing, it was just hiding inside me somewhere...and I am so thrilled I have found my passion and motivation for designing again. And a big part of that has been the great community and support from those on this course - seeing others work has really inspired me.

'Kaleidoscope' by Dawn Cunningham

The most powerful element of the course for me was going back to basics and really exploring the world of drawing for textile design. I have been designing with digital software packages so much recently that I forgot how simple a hand drawn image is. The course has really helped me develop as a designer and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone.

Hand-drawn 'Copper Kettles' by Flora Waycott

This course helped me to recognise what I love and what inspires me - I have found inspiration absolutely everywhere and have had a wonderful time turning them in to my own patterns. It got me to remember how much I love to draw and paint and now I can't stop! The industry insights were invaluable on this course and I am very much looking forward to pushing myself as far as I can go.

Feminine 'Summer In The Country' by Ilaria Benedetti

Beginning this course was like looking for my roots: it made me look inside me, finding my true style and my true me! Thank you :)

Organic 'Henna Bubble' by Laura James

The most powerful aspect of this course for me was that it gave me permission to play! To play with colours, shapes, marks, paints, inks, patterns, collage; to rediscover techniques I hadn’t used since school & college. Most importantly it taught me to have fun whilst designing. There are no wrong answers!

Retro 'Through My Camera' by Lise Stephens

The most significant thing about this course is to be able to start to see all the beautiful patterns and colours around us! This has been such an inspiration to create... with this platform and awareness that the course provided for me in Module 1, I'm excited to enter this weird and wonderful world of pattern design.

80's Inspired 'Fresh Prince' by Mhairi McDowall

The most influential part of the course has got to be the idea of having fun and designing in a way that suits you as an individual. I had just graduated from a textile screen printing degree last year and I still am not 100% sure of my style. The fact that Rachael reassures everyone that it’s ok not to know exactly what your style is yet but also helps you to find it through the course helps you to stop worrying so designing comes more freely. Roll on module 2 and 3!

Green tones in 'Stripes & Dots' by Sara Franklin

The most powerful element of this course was learning how to look at the world around me and find inspiration in everything I see. Also, sketching freely without worrying about the end result was very liberating and has made creating extremely fun!

Graphic 'Sonoran Desert' by Vicki Robertson

The most powerful element of the course for me has been the practical nature of the course and the behind the scenes look at creating a brand, designing the webpage, products etc.  I have also found the inspiring examples of patterns and products in the course. The creative exercises Rachael suggests have helped me develop as a designer by trying new techniques/pattern types and getting nearer to homing in on my signature style.

If you are interested in ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (the e-course)’ we are thrilled to announce we are running a new series (starting on August 19th 2013). Register here. Also, don’t miss out on our next run of Module 2 ‘Creating Your Professional identity’ which is running 19th August 2013! The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design featuring Rachael Taylor Module 1: Designing your way Module 2: Creating your professional identity Module 3: Monetising your designs ... brought to you by Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls Rachael on Twitter: @rachtdesign Beth on Twitter: @DoWhatYouLoveXx

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