Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beauty Breakdown: Hand in Hand

Good morning creative people!

Welcome to a Beauty morning with me, MaJo :) Every Thursday I'll delight you with gorgeously packed beauty products (and every now and then, I'll even throw you a beauty secret).

I was looking for calligraphic fonts the other day and found by chance some amazing packaging and I couldn't just not share it with you all. Hand in Hand is an American hand bar soap business 'based on sustainable giving': for every bar that's sold, Hand in Hand donates a bar to save a life. They decided on the product and business model after finding out that a single soap bar could prevent deaths caused by poor water quality and lack of proper hygiene. They not only have saving lives as their primary mission, but believe also in respecting the environmental impact that comes when producing and selling soap. To ensure this, the work with sustainable and harvested ethically resources. To top it all, they complete their socio/eco-conscious goal with the use of eco-friendly packaging: each sold bar 'comes with a free carbon offset, and a portion of all proceeds is used to save 50 square feet of rainforest.' What an amazing brand is it? I was first attracted to their packaging, but once I read a bit about them I fell in love with the entire brand and their spirit!

Now, let's focus on the gorgeous packaging. It was art directed by graphic designer (and writer of the fab oh Joy! blog) Joy Deangdeelert Cho in collaboration with the amazing British illustrator Emma Block. The products come in 3 different fragrances (lavender, orange blossom and white tea) and the illustrations seem to evoke a magic and world for each of them. Just take a look :)

how adorable is the logo? I just love those hearts included in the font!

courtesy of oh Joy!

courtesy of oh Joy!

courtesy of Hand in Hand

courtesy of oh Joy!

courtesy of Hand in Hand

courtesy of oh Joy!

courtesy of Hand in Hand

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read. See you next week with more inspiring designs. Have a great day, MaJo.

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