Friday, July 5, 2013

Wonderful Wedding!

Happy Friday everyone! Today is very quick post as I wanted to share with you my lovely news, I'm now a Mrs! We had our lovely wedding ceremony a few weeks ago & just got back from our fantastic honeymoon to Dubai & then the Maldives.

As you can imagine I had quite a non traditional wedding & it was crammed with pretty bright colours & pattern! It really was a beautiful day, we had so much fun! 

I will be writing lots about the big day (We have a bazillion thank you messages to write! There are lots of truly amazing people who made our day so special). I'll share lots of our professional wedding images too, here's a little sneak peek...

Image courtesy of our amazing photographers navyblur (we can't wait to see the rest!)

  Our ocean villa in the Maldives (phone snap shot)


  1. Congratulations. spent my honeymoon in the maldives 26 years ago, looks like its change a lot since then....still loved it ;-)

  2. Big Congrats to you, adorable couple!! Can't wait to read your future posts! A 'non traditional wedding crammed with pretty bright colours & pattern' sounds amazing & very exciting. Looking forward to admire the photos.

  3. Big congrats! You are a beautiful couple! Hope you enjoyed a well-deserved break :))

  4. Wow! Perfect wedding!


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