Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love of Colour!

For those of you who follow my work you will know how much I just love colour! So I've been collecting some lovely reference to inspire me. Colour can really effect your mood & the way you approach your day. I try & surround myself with lots of colour when I'm working too.

My favourite colour is orange, most of my dresses & accessories are Orange along with lots of my home accessories. Orange is a key colour in a lot of my own signature prints & textiles too. I'm trying to spread the love for Orange!:) 

"Orange is vibrant, fun and flamboyant colour. The meaning of orange is that of vitality, joy, happiness and energy. Orange is seen as an exciting, extroverted and sociable colour". 

What's your favourite colour? 

(All images courtesy  of #pintrest)


  1. Hi Rachael, it's very true what you say about colour, i love all colour but always tend to gravitate back towards the various shades between blue/green! All those lovely turquoise and teal colours! Love all of your pics isn't Pinterest a dangerous place to waste time! xox

  2. Hi Rachael, I'm also a big fan of colour, my fave is turquoise, probably because I'm a big fan of anything nautical and watery. I do have a bright orange Mulberry handbag which my husband bought for me - gorgeous bag but I can't help thinking I'd love it even more if it was turquoise!
    I hadn't seen Pinterest before, how fab is that, more distractions from this evenings photomontage!
    Just out of interest, do you get fed up with spelling your name out too?

  3. Thanks for the comments girls:)

    Glad you like the post.

    Ps Rachael, everyone spells my name wrong, so just used to it now:) plus I get called 'Rach' a lot so that's easier.

  4. I do love orange, but I think blue always wins for me. I absolutely love a nice greyish duck egg blue in my home :)


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