Monday, February 14, 2011

Studio Snippets

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend? Happy Valentine's Day too :)

Here's a little sneak peek around my current studio (a lot of people always ask where I work, so here it is) I've completely outgrown it now and I'm planning to build a new one as soon as we can. We have been submitting building plans since October, it's been a long process but fingers crossed I'll get there in the end.

At the moment my home is full of work & stock along with a storage lock up that I hire (I also screen print at a workshop in Leeds too) so I really can't wait to get the extra space, although we think it has to be a lot smaller than originally planned but it's still exciting! Can't wait to start decorating the new one once it has been built... It's going to be very fun & colourful :)

So now you have seen my cluttered work space, I just love stuff!


  1. Thanks for sharing.... its so clean and tidy.... I wouldnt dare show you my space!....

  2. Mine looks exactly the same! Can't get enough of stuff :)


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