Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I need your help...

Hello lovely blog followers:) I need your help... I'm doing a charity skydive on the weekend of the 5th of March. I'm trying to raise as much as I can... If you can possibly donate just a tiny amount it would really help the cause. I'm a wimp! so your support will cheer me on to go through with it:)

Even just 50 pence! if a lot of people just donated that amount  it really would generate a lot of money.

You can donate online via my just giving page I'm raising money for SKCIN - The Karen Clifford skin cancer charity to help support the wonderful work they do.

Any donations no matter how big or small are really appreciated x

(I promise to post pics on the blog!)


  1. Where do you donate and what is the charity?

  2. Hi Rowan, sorry just edited post:)


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