Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Busy Times!

Busy times ahead... I'm always a busy bee but 'hectic' is the word at the moment. It's all good fun though:)

This lovely #pintrest image inspired me today! It was just what I needed.

*A big 'thank you' to Kelly too! (a lovely work placement who is helping me over the next two weeks, more on that to come...)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stunning Photography - Kat Sloma

Today I wanted to share with you the truly amazing photography by Kat Sloma. Kat is another lovely talent who I met at the dowhatyouloveforlife/retreat back in May this year.

Her pictures just made me say 'WOW' I'm a huge fan of textures & colours so her photography just ticks all the boxes for me (Love, LOVE the top three images)

Mini Biography:

"I’m an artist, primarily a photographer, with a strong belief that everyone can benefit from having art and creativity in their life. I love all forms of art, and practice painting, writing and drawing in addition to my first love, photography.

I’ve always been in love with visual art. I’ve been building my photography skills for over 10 years, but truly discovered a deep passion for this art form in the last two years while living in Italy and traveling Europe. I moved to Italy in 2009 for a corporate work assignment as an engineering project manager, but I leave in 2011 as an artist. Two years of living and traveling in an environment so rich in art, history and visual beauty have changed me forever.

Along my personal creative journey, I’ve discovered that having a regular practice of art and creativity connects me to my true self. It increases my happiness and satisfaction in every day life. I’ve also discovered a passion for encouraging others along their journey as well. I love what creativity brings to my life; I want others to find the same kind of happiness, satisfaction and confidence through art and creativity".

Like Kat's work? She has just launched a fabulous new e-course For more information you can visit the page here

For more information about Kat you can visit her page here She also has a wonderful blog at: 

Friday, August 26, 2011

More IPhone Cases & Skins...

Following on from Thursday's blog post here are a few more designs from my signature collection.

For IPhone cases click here, IPod & phone skins 
& laptop skins

Hope you like them!:)

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hey Everyone!  I have a secret love of maps and love collecting things with them on,a shower curtain, drawer liners and scratch map wall art are some of the map related objects decorating my home.  I guess it all comes from a love of the world.  Last week I found a fantastic artist from Bristol called Emma who does some gorgeous and extremely cute 3D work using maps, places and shapes.
I fell in love with a framed piece of boy and a girl shapes made out of a map.  I love the simplicity of her work and how each object can represent a place and a person.
Make sure you've visit her Etsy Shop and get your self a cute couple of your own. Have a lovely Thursday, Love Moni!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FREE Shipping! IPhone Cases & Laptop Skins

There's free worldwide shipping (through till Sunday) on my signature range of Iphone cases Ipod & Iphone skins & laptop skins. There are lots of designs available here are a few of my faves...

*To shop online simply click on the above links & they will take you directly to the online store. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cards - Marks & Spencer

Today I just wanted to share a couple more samples sent to me from the lovely Tigerprint UK that are now in store & available to buy at Marks & Spencer.

I'm known for my quirky, contemporary style but sometimes I do get more traditional & classic requests so here's a couple of examples... I always enjoy typography, it's one of my favourite things at the moment.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lovely Book!

I was lucky enough to receive this lovely book as a gift from my fabulous creative assistant Moni. It actually arrived in the post as a new studio gift & a birthday treat. It really is a beautiful book jam packed with gorgeous illustrations & striking typographic designs. As you all know I'm a big fan of quotes & sentiment as I'm always happily pinning away on my pintrest board.

This book is just perfect as it's full of uplifting designs & lovely words, so I was super happy with my gift.

Thanks Moni x

Friday, August 19, 2011

Jute Bags - Marks & Spencer

#Happy Friday!

One of the best parts of my job is receiving samples of products I've designed.  It's always really lovely to see things printed & presented to go in to the stores. I designed a new collection of jute bags for Tigerprint UK/Marks & Spencer last year & they are now available to buy. I really like the wooden buttons:)

They are re usable so eco friendly! They can be used as gift bags but they also make great little lunch bags or shopping bags too!

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