Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Surface Pattern Showcase! (part 1)

Today I'm thrilled to share with you with all a wonderful selection of designs from module 1 of the surface pattern e-course. We are so lucky to have worked with such a dedicated, hard working & talented group. I know the students are going to go on to great things!

This is just a small amount & a real 'sneak peek' as we have received over 3000+ images in the group pool (including designs, research, research & mood boards)

We can't wait for module 2 to launch on the 30th of Jan!

Part 2 of the design showcase will be posted on Friday!

Striking B&W design from Justine Aldersey-Williams

Quirky style & colour palette from Stephanie Nance

Unique illustrative style from Liza Lamas

Striking motif details from Maike Thoma

Pretty graphic layering from Melanie Pearson

Quirky flowers with an oriental twist from Carrie Harper

Captivating colour & details from Ellie Fidler

Clever Movement & layering from Miranda Mol

Simplistic & striking florals from Deborah Velasquez

Rich palette - silhouette & linework combination from Jacqueline van Roosmalen

Retro squares with a varied scale from Samina Khadam

Luscious layering & depth from Helen Billett

Quirky twist on the traditional tea cup from Lisa Budden

Energetic motifs from Veena Mistry

Stunning illustrations from Beth Hewitt

Decorative graphic styles from Jolene Heckman

Edgy & Organic stems from Maggie Dunne

Fun quirky look from Tina Devins

Pretty country & folk floral from Cathrine St Clair


  1. Fabulous Designs! Wow! some I have missed considering the huge and fantastic bundle in class, need a week or more to go through each all!

  2. Hi Rachael. Thanks so much for showcasing my design. I'm really delighted! And love the course! Tina

  3. Ooooo, so excited! Thanks for including my design! X

  4. Lovely post, Rachael, but go and get some rest. Module 2 is just around the corner...

  5. Thrilled to be included with such a talented group. Really wonderful work. Thanks Rachael!!

  6. they are all amazing! Those bottles by Beth are fabulous!!!!

  7. Hi Rachel, I have been going at a snails pace completing module 1. I haven't posted any of my work up anywhere as yet... and would love to. Where do we post it up at, Flickr group? ~ Thank you!

  8. Love Jolene's simple repeat design, been over to follow her new blog

  9. Thanks Rachael for including me!
    I can see I missed a few in that HUGE Flicker group album. I love the windows by Liza - how did I miss that?

  10. nice to see all the fab creations! thanks so much for including my design! Happy designing to all my new friends

  11. Thanks for including my design Rachael. Very exciting!


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