Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cate Parr

Cate Parr is a British artist/fashion illustrator currently based in Los Angeles. With watercolour as a technique she creates amazing illustrations that capture the same style, mood and ethereal uniqueness seen on a fashion editorial. I love how she uses colour and textures to mimic light and focus. Here are some of my favourite images from her work. If you'd like to see more click here or visit her Etsy shop. I hope you like it, Love Moni!


  1. These are fabulous, beautiful work that looks so spontaneous, it reminds me of the work in the book 'This little piggy went to Prada' with illustrations by Eunyukung? Think that's how you spell it?

  2. Absolutely stunning! What a gift she has - so green ;)

  3. Dear mama! Wow! Absolutely ...! Well couldn't agree more with Donna.


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