Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Majorelle Gardens continued...


  1. I went here when I visited Morocco back in 2007,the gardens are beautiful as is the museum inside the house. I hope it was still a museum inside when you went. I recall some really amazing doors and metal work inside!I hope you enjoyed marrakech, I loved it but it was extremely hectic especially as I went with one other female.

  2. They are lovely:) the museum was under renovation so I didn't get to see it!:( never mind.

    I love Marrakech too x

  3. Oh Rachael what fab pictures and what great memories you have brought back for me. My husband and I took our first holiday (as boyfriend and girlfriend then) in Morocco and it will always be special to us. We took loads of photos too as it is such an inspiring place. I even photographed the same grafitti carved into the trees in the Marjorelle gardens!!!
    Love it. Hope it inspires you to create yet more wonderful prints and patterns!!!
    Kathryn x


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