Sunday, August 18, 2013

Follow Your Dreams!

It has been pretty chaotic in the studio lately as we have been juggling so many things such as our new wedding collection, new product ranges, MOYO magazine & the launch of the next full series of 'The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design' (the e-course)'. When your hectically running around sometimes you forget to appreciate the little things.

Last week was such a 'happy' week as I received masses of new styled photography from my fab photographers navyblur. I had a moment to take stock and assess how far my brand had come.

I'm just someone doing what I love, who works hard & remains dedicated and to see everything coming together lately really made me smile. So many people ask me about my career & how it evolved & I'm so pleased that I get to share my story within our very own e-course.

I left my full time job 5 years ago to fly solo & would never have imagined or believed all of the things that have happened so far! (Here are a few of my product collages that showcase a selection of my designs used in multiple ways. Along with a typographic quote that I created recently.)

I hope these images inspire you to follow your dreams! (You may also like to read my recent interview over on the fantastic new Do What Love website).

Hurry our next class starts tomorrow! You can still squeeze in. (*This is last time we will be running module 1 until 2014).

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