Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Good morning creative people!

Welcome to a Beauty morning with me, MaJo :) Every Thursday I'll delight you with gorgeously packed beauty products (and every now and then, I'll even throw you a beauty secret). 

Etsy is filled with gorgeous objects and creations so I thought, why not look there for some beauty packaging? Free The Spirit is a shop dedicated 'to healing the body with the power of plants.' Its products are handmade using 'earth-loving practices' and plants and essential oils that are either foraged in the wild, or purchased from 100% organic and fair-trade suppliers. Free The Spirit is 100% respectful to mother Earth and that's why they use 100% post consumer waste for their labels, reuse mailing supplies from local shops, and get their beeswax from a local apiary for a minimum carbon footprint.

The first thing that caught my attention when I found it on Etsy was its packaging, but once I read about its ecological soul I fell in love! Free The Spirit's packaging is very simple (a colourful printed label on a tin box with a nice font - I think it is the Amatic font which lately has been among my favourites, hehehe), but at the same time eye-catching. The pictures remind me of impressionist paintings and really evoke natural and organic. Plus, I think the chosen images really express the concept in the name of each product ;) Enjoy!

I'm so  in love with this herbal lip tint… I'm seriously considering buying it. One of the ingredients used to make it red (and give your lips a beautiful blush colour of course) is beet… isn't it amazing? I love the colour you get when dying fabric with beets :)

all images courtesy of Free the Spirit

It's been a while since I've shared with you a beauty secret (bad MaJo), but today I have some that will hopefully make your summer bearable (and also make-up for some of the old posts that didn't come with one, hihihi.) I don't know you, but I'm a mosquito magnet; I look like a corncob every time I go out making it very difficult for me to enjoy a night out with all the itching and slapping (to kill them) going on. Some people like spraying repellent on their skin, I personally don't. I hate how it leaves my skin sticky and oily, plus I don't like the idea of poisoning my skin with all those chemicals. There are many natural remedies against the bites, and some to prevent them too. My favourite against mosquitos is lemongrass essential oil which you can mix with your usual body lotion (apparently mosquitos dislike its fragrance.) Now… what to do once you've been bitten? I love using tiger balm red to release the itchiness or tea tree oil, and you can also relief it with either putting some ice on the bite or an immediate cold shower :)

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read. See you next week with more inspiring designs. Have a great day, MaJo.

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