Thursday, March 28, 2013

Interiors Roundup: My top 8 staircases

I am so excited to be sharing gorgeous interiors with you. As Rachael Taylor’s new Interiors roundup editor, I will be posting every Thursday afternoon with my weekly update of all things Interiors. This week, I am sharing 8 of my favourite staircase designs.

From the quirky to the bizarre, here are my top 8 staircase designs. Some play with your mind (just like the one below!) and some are just plain crazy (I’m possibly referring to the separate staircase for the pets!), but I love every single one of these staircases and would certainly love to hear your views on them. They might not be to everyone’s taste but you can’t deny that they are amazing, each and every one of them! I’ll be back next week with more inspirational interiors, but for now, enjoy the rest of your week! Emily x

arne jacobsen, aarhus town hall 1937-1942
See below for the other half of the staircase!
Hand-painted, wow!

Elle Decor


  1. oh my Gosh! All of these stairs are awesome!!! thanks for the inspiration :)

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