Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Khristian A. Howell - Cover Girl & Consultant!

Khristian A. Howell is a colour & pattern expert who designs for a wide selection of products & clients. Khristian explains that 'she is embarking on a colour revolution' & believes 'in living a life that is colourful, balanced and inspired'.

You can read more about this fantastic lady in Issue 2 of 'MOYO' in which Khristian is the cover girl! There is an in depth interview into how Khristian builds collections, uses colour & creating patterns.

Khristian has recently started Artist Consultancy in which 'you and Khristian will assess your current situation and goals to help carve out a plan of action for moving forward'. Khristian will through running a creative business to attending your first trade show. Sounds amazing!
If you are interested in a consultancy find out more information by clicking here.
You can visit Khristian's website, Facebook, follow her on Twitter or buy her products on her shop.

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