Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Creative Sketchbook (new art & design platform)

Behind Creative Sketchbook, a new exciting, inspirational & a great resourced blog is Gemma Robinson, who is a talented designer, teacher & very good friends with Rachael as they met whilst at University. 

"This is a creative blog dedicated to share art and design from the past and present to provide a source of inspiration."

Many different artists, designers etc have been featured on this blog. If you'd like to be featured on this blog you can email Gemma:

I hope you find this blog just as inspiring as I do. And I love the header too! Enjoy, Hannah :)


  1. This blog is amazing!!! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Love discovering a new blog. Thank you! Julie

  3. I think that I found this blog a while back by clicking on things late at night on yours, hehe. I've enjoyed her posts, and have discovered some wonderful international artists that have really inspired me. Thanks!


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