Friday, April 13, 2012

Module 2 Final Showcase - Part 6

Happy Friday!

All week we have been showcasing the very talented students of 'The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design' E-course. We hope you have enjoyed seeing the variety of work & design styles! Module 3 begins on April 16th, we are also thrilled to announce that we are running a second series starting on April 23rd, click here to register!

Circular motifs in ‘Circle Romp’ by Rachel Gresham

Tonal florals in ‘Spring Collection’ by Rosa Martinez

Cute faces in ‘Panda Pattern’ by Sally Trude

Illustrative ‘Le Coeur d'un pirate’ by Sarah Hatherhill

Quirky zig-zag’s in ‘Chevron 002’ by Schatzi Brown

Simple and bold ‘White Stems’ by Sharon Gayhart

Bright and contrasting ‘Bloomtime’ by Sophie Lambrou

Greyscale ‘Blue Bird’ by Sonia Whitehead

Fresh and bright ‘Spring’ by Sue Cashman Sue Cashman

Directional florals in ‘Oriental Bloom’ by Susan Lloyd (

Striking 'Pink Elephant Floral' by Deborah Velasquez

Feminine ‘Artisan Florals’ by Suzanne Washington

Geometric ‘Sweet Florals’ by Rachael Bright

Cute patterned motifs in ‘Frutti Collection’ by Wendy Kendall

Pretty bird motifs in ‘Outbackyard Collection’ by Luisa Franco


  1. Thanks Rachel!!! so exciting to see my work in your fab blog, along with my fab classmatess.

  2. Thank you Rachael! So cool to see my work on your blog! Your class has been the best online course in my book! Can't thank you enough for the feedback, for the inspiration and always being engaged in our learning process, whatever the level. You're the best. Looking forward Monday and Module 3.


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