Monday, April 9, 2012

Module 2 Final Showcase - Part 2

Happy Monday everyone!

Continuing on from last Friday's post, we are showcasing more lovely work from the 'The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design' students, celebrating their wonderful achivements by the end of module 2. We actually start module 3 a week today! You can find out more about the e-course here.

Bold, layered ‘Sisal Trees’ by Cristina Veit

Repeat and layered patterns in ‘Cutlery Draw’ by Claire Leggett

Pretty floral ‘Alicia’ by Diane Rooney

Feminine, layered ‘Purple Swirls’ by Ellie Rampton

Illustrative ‘Poppy Pod Stripe’ by Ellie Fidler

Bold ‘Fun Floral’ by Emine Ortega

Primary coloured ‘Retro Magnolia’ Estee Smyly

Directional pattern ‘Happy Rain’ by Eva Carlavilla

Naturalistic, stationery design ‘Greenwood’ by Faye Brown

Hand sketched ‘Cardinal Party Line’ by Femi Ford

Textured florals in ‘Finger Paint Flowers Giftwrap Collection’ by Justine Aldersey Williams

Fun character illustration in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Tina Devins


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