Wednesday, March 7, 2012

'Signature' Wallpaper Collection

I'm so excited to share my debut wallpaper collection in collaboration with the lovely Wallpaper Republic I literally only received the styled shots yesterday & I'm thrilled with the images.

I love this quote on their website too "Mass production" - a bygone era of stable demand & little product variety. Nowadays we embrace & encourage all that is individual & unique.

(The collection will be added to their website soon)

'Textured Honesty'

'Retro Organic Leaves'

'Shapes & Squares'

'Contemporary B&W'

'Quirky Motifs'

'Tonal Floral'

'Sketchy Stems'

'Textured Geo'

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For information click here.


  1. Well done Rachael. I really love the wallpaper patterns :)

  2. Fantastic....will you be doing lots of decorating :D I like the Quirky motifs !! But they all look fab.

  3. These are lovely-I'd love a home adorned with such colour and pattern. 'Textured honesty' and 'quirky motifs' are my favourites.Well done.

  4. They definetelly look gorgeous. What a great sensation to see those "babies" grow up and become wallpapers. Well done, Rachael.

  5. I want to re-wallpaper! These are such lovely spring-like contemporary prints and patterns, I love them all!! They look so sexy with the models, great idea for the product shoot. Can't wait to see them in room sets, and order samples for the hubby to chose his favourite. Fab fab fab, you're inspirational, thank you!


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