Friday, March 23, 2012

Bonnie Christine

Happy Friday!

The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (the e-course) has produced some very talented students, one of which is designer Bonnie Christine. Her work is fun, fresh, stunningly girly, completely unique & personal to her. I spotted a few of Bonnie's tweets showcasing a few snippets of her work so I asked her to send in a selection of her pretty creations.

"I love to weave parts of my life into each pattern, with each one you see you will have seen a little piece of my life and heart. There's something so meaningful in the way we decide to color our worlds."

So inspiring! If you want to see more of her work you can check out her beautifully designed website or her stunning and quirky blog!


  1. Beautiful stuff, loving the unusual colourways x

  2. rachael!! so honored to be here. :) thank you so much for sharing my work and being such a tremendous inspiration. much love!! xox

  3. Beautiful designs, loved to see them all together!

  4. Bonnie, they are Lovely!!!!

  5. Gorgeous patterns and colors! You're so talented, Bonnie!


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