Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Print & Pattern Book Volume 2!

I'm super excited to share that my design work has been featured as part of a studio collaboration in the second Print & Pattern book. I'm very blessed to be featured in both volumes.

"Doodle Square by Rachael...Hand-drawn & finished in Illustrator, these squares are filled with interest that cleverly look as though they could have been doodled thoughtlessly" P241.

Thank you so much Print and Pattern


  1. Hi,

    I adore your work and 'am glad that I found you o Google. I just can't wait for the first lesson of the e-course. At times I wish I could push days forward to get to the big day. Yes, I am that exited! I adore the way you mix colors and the super beautiful art that you make look so stunning!
    Can't wait to learn from you either. Let me ask, out of curiosity (don't kill the me cat pls) is the color palette on your table for textile or normal RGP/CMYK?
    Are the print outs on textile or paper?


  2. Hi Virginia, thank you so much for your lovely kind words. I love what I do & can't wait to share it with you all.

    If you mean the image of my studio? They are just paper prints from my CMYK printer. I will explain all of this on the e-course in greater detail. We talk about print production & colour specifications.

    Looking forward to starting too, see you in the classroom.



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