Thursday, September 22, 2011

Katie Heeks Designs

A couple of weeks ago, Rachael and I visited the gorgeous Hebden Bridge.  Its a girly girl town full of lovely shops and yummy cafes.  While we were at the Heart Gallery birthday celebration I spotted the wonderful work of Katie Heeks.
Katie is a designer-maker who creates colourful and magical 3D pictures by using laser cutting.
Inspired by nature, her gardens are full of patterns and shapes that creates a beautiful layered picture.  She sometimes has lights installed to them which gives you the chance of having your own little magical world inside this beautiful frame.  I love the rainforest theme, the mixture of the colours shapes and sizes added to the different layers make it wild and amazing.

Check out Katie's website for pics or info on exhibitions and commissions.  Have a lovely day. Love Moni!

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