Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beauty Breakdown / / Tay Shop

Good morning creative people! 
Welcome to a Beauty morning with me, MaJo :) Every Thursday I'll delight you with gorgeously packed beauty products (and every now and then, I'll even throw you a beauty secret). 

There's nothing I like the most than hand-crafted, eco-friendly, and beautiful products. When it comes to beauty products, they win my highest appreciation when they not only fulfil the above requirements but are also made with natural ingredients. Well, it doesn't happen everyday that I find such products but his time I was lucky. Tay skin care seems to be one of the few that recognises value and invests in making beauty products with the best botanical ingredients that are presented to the public in beautifully designed packaging. But that's not all, their packaging design created by award-winning Sarah Tay is also sustainable; yes! It isn't just nice to look at, it is make with 100% eco-friendly bamboo and recyclable PET plastic containers that are long-lasting and thought to be refilled and reused. The first thing that caught my eye is the wooden natural texture and colour given by the bamboo, and how well it fuses with the minimal graphics that are gorgeous but don't distract from the natural beauty of the material. 

*** all images courtesy of Tay skin care ***

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read. See you next week with more inspiring designs. Have a great day, MaJo.

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