Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 - My year in travel!

I had set myself a goal in 2012 to travel overseas as much as possible! (As well as visiting lots of new places within the UK). I love revisiting places but it's my ambition to discover lots of new & exciting destinations, I have a huge wish list of places that I want to explore & I'm really excited to book more spontaneous trips for 2013! There really is a big wide world out there so I'm saving lots to go on lots of adventures!

I was lucky enough to visit Paris for the second time along with exploring Edinburgh, Barcelona, Milan, Stockholm & the beautiful Cape Verde Islands for the very first time!

Have you travelled this year? Where is your dream destination? I'd love to hear your thoughts, you can share your comments below...

Innovative window displays spotted in Edinburgh (above & below)

Roaming the streets in Paris (above & below)

Views of Barcelona (above)

'Caso Batlo' - one of my favourite Gaudi buildings in beautiful Barcelona!

Beautiful sculpture in Milan

Dancers in the streets of Milan!

City views & harbour in Stockholm (above & below)

 Beautiful beaches - Boa Vista, Cape Verde Islands (above & below)

I feel truly blessed that my job allows me to have this freedom. I work crazy hours sometimes but I'm really rewarded with the flexibility that it brings. I regularly travel to London for work along with visiting lots of design shows & galleries in & around Europe! I'm a spontaneous person & LOVE the unknown so I'm looking forward to seeing where my design career takes me!


  1. Hi Rachael, Amazing travels you have had.
    I was lucky enough to travel to Paris in February for Premier Vision an amazing fabric show.
    I also travelled to Bordeaux in the summer where there are some beautiful sites of the vin yards and beaches.
    In England both London and Manchester are always filled with inspiration and design.

  2. Hi Rachael, Beautiful shots of some amazing places, makes me want to go to the ones I've not been to yet!
    I'm always travelling around the UK and always have my camera handy to take snaps, even if it's a place I've been to lots before.
    In December though I was really lucky and went to Barcelona and absolutely loved it and have many special memories of it and lots of photos too. So much to see and lots of inspiration!!

  3. Hi Rachael, these are beautiful the Paris pic with green grass embracing the skies...this year I travelled to Frankfurt ( for heimtextil), Milan( for the furniture fair), Rome, Florence, London, India :))( our home) and in India we travelled to Jammu, Hyderabad and Delhi..yess; life and working as a designer is indeed a blessing and I want to kiss and embrace every day of it!

  4. I love travel ... i think my list of wish-i-could-visit countries is longer than we have space for here but top of my list is Zanzibar, then India and Morocco, San Francisco and to see the Grand Canyon. Ahhhh - dreaming. x


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