Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Module 3 Graduate Showcase - Part 4

Continuing on from the start of the week, we are showcasing more of the beautiful designs from the Module 3 e-course graduates! Some amazing work has already been showcased in Part 1Part 2 & Part 3 of this blog series. Well done to all of our Module 3 students!

Pretty & naturalistic ‘Enchanted Garden’ by Katy Hackney

Organic ‘Orchard Blossom’ by Katy Hackney

Character motifs in ‘The Rockies’ by Kirsti Davidson

Bright & bold ‘Spring’ by Kirsti Davidson

Layered ‘Ginkgo’s Autumn Dance in Latte’ by Leslie Doughty

Geometric ‘Retroflox’ by Leslie Doughty

Cute characters in ‘Mr. Giraffe’ by Lisa Budden. Email:

Quirky ‘Spring Teapots’ by Lisa Budden. Email:

Dotty ‘Liz Smith Overlay Collection’ by Liz Smith

Bold & linear ‘Liz Smith Rio’ by Liz Smith

Watercolour inspired ‘Water Wheels’ by Lucie Duclos

 Bright ‘Water Flowers’ by Lucie Duclos

Travel inspired ‘Paris’ by Sian Elin

Motif & typography in ‘Travel Pattern Collection’ by Sian Elin

Simple shape in ‘Bio’ by Eva Carlavilla

Feminine ‘Party’ by Eva Carlavilla

Knit inspired ‘Fun Fair Isle Collection’ by Helen Billett

Quirky shapes in ‘Scalloped Bridges’ by Helen Billett

How about joining us? We start Module 2 on June the 18th & you can register here.


  1. Thanks for including me in this feature Rachael. I love seeing the beautiful and interesting designs from Helen, Eva, Sian, Lucie, Liz, Lisa, Kirstie & Katy. What a great group to be posted with!

  2. OMG...LOVE Retroflox!!!!!!

    Great designs..well done everyone.

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  3. I'm loving all these gorgeous textile designs!


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