Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays

As Rachael is in the middle of planning her own wedding, 'Wedding Wednesdays' are here to help others who are looking for some inspiration for their own big day! If you are looking to make some of your own bits and pieces such as table dressings and quirky decorations or if you can't decide on your colour theme, I have found lots of beautiful images from Pinterest that are sure to inspire you. I have also taken some of my own photographs of buttons that show lovely combinations of colours great for weddings!
Abi x


  1. Love the button heart...for my wedding a few years back I made my bouquets from vintage finds buttons and brooches, ribbon and feathers etc....

  2. Hi Abi, a beautiful pictured post as usual, I've pinned the top photo too! Thank you for including my plantable wildflower paper heart bunting in the bottom left corner of the last mosaic picture. Am I being a dope, I can't see where the picture credits are for all the images? When I click on the pics it goes to a gallery but still no links. I'm probably missing something obvious but I'm stumped! Thanks, Gabrielle

  3. Hi Gabrielle, Abi has pinned these via 'Pinterest' which she has credited. She didn't make the mosaic image, it was via the site. Unfortunately with 'Pinterest' it can be hard to link back to the original images; especially if someone has re-pinned it so many times. We will happily credit you, or remove the image if you prefer.

    Thanks Rachael :)

  4. Hi Rachael, Pinterest is so great but that is one of its downfalls, so many images lose their originator in all the pinning. Any readers who are interested can click on my comment to find the bunting so that's fine. Congrats on your engagement, enjoy every minute of the planning, (given the chance I'd get married, to the same man of course, several more times just so I can have all the different types of wedding I'd like!) and let me know if you need any bunting, hee hee!
    Thanks, Gabrielle :)


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