Friday, August 19, 2011

Jute Bags - Marks & Spencer

#Happy Friday!

One of the best parts of my job is receiving samples of products I've designed.  It's always really lovely to see things printed & presented to go in to the stores. I designed a new collection of jute bags for Tigerprint UK/Marks & Spencer last year & they are now available to buy. I really like the wooden buttons:)

They are re usable so eco friendly! They can be used as gift bags but they also make great little lunch bags or shopping bags too!


  1. Very nice, I have a re usable shopping bag from Marks & Spencer's that I've been using for two years every day. They are the only shop that offers genuinely attractive eco friendly shoppers. I shall certainly be checking these out :)

  2. Gorgeous Rachael. I really like these.

  3. Dear Rachael,

    Your designs are wonderful. My company is based in India and we are sourcing agents for companies all across the Globe for procurement of Jute/Cotton Bags. All the companies we source from our world class with international certifications. With your creative designs it would be interesting to collaborate and serve the European Market. Please email me back on if you are interested and we can then take matters forward.
    Good Luck !!


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