Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

Hello Thursday Friends!

We're getting closer to Christmas and as exciting as it sounds I find it a bit sad because I love the build up to it, but oh well, it's a great ending to a fab season.  So before we're all finished with the cheerful, loving, sing-song spirit, one more exciting decoration.

I came across this beautiful Christmas tree wall decoration on Etsy, created by Ellen Giggenbach from New Zealand.  It is a wall sticker, but unlike most of them it has a fabric-like texture. Easily removable, it won't leave a mark and a great option for small flats with no space for a 3D tree.

I love the 1950´s and 60's inspired shaped and the feel of the texture.  Do check out Ellen's Etsy shop and consider it if you don't have a tree yet!

Have a wonderful Christmas! love Moni!


  1. That's really cute! I'd almost be tempted to leave it up all year round :-)

  2. Rachel, I wanted to email you to say ive used your wrapping paper on my blog. feel free to check it out = 0 ) merry christmas and a happy new year xxxx


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