Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Module 2 'Half Way There' (part 1)

Wow! We are on week 4 of of module 2 already can you believe it!? I just love the positivity, enthusiasm & dedication shown from our talented surface pattern e-course students. It has been such a pleasure & honour to work with them.

We asked the students to submit their favourite piece half way through the module & I'm delighted to showcase this stunning collection.

(We have a lot of beautiful submissions, I'll be splitting the showcase across a few posts)

Striking 'Berry Floral' from Abigail Sims

  Beautiful 'Bouquet' from Bonnie Christine

Contemporary 'Avant Garde' from Maike Thoma

Bold 'Art Deco' from Dee McConville

Detailed 'Twisted Vines' from Femi Ford

Quirky 'Outline Apples' from Lisa Budden

Beautiful 'Magnolia' from Anna Berger

Pretty & fresh 'Wild Daisy' from Katy Clemmans

Striking 'Whimsical Peacock' from Justine Aldersey-Williams

Unique 'Geo Floral' from Ange Yake

 50's feel 'Wandering the Wilderness' from Maraya Rodostianos

Retro, bold 'Digicutilol' from Lauren Britchford

We are thrilled to announce that we are running the e-course for a second series! For more information you can visit the website here

A big thank you to 'Kelly' my new creative assistant for helping to collate these images (she hasn't even officially started yet!) Thanks Kelly!


  1. thanks so much for including me and for all the support and encouragement x

  2. These are stunning!Somehow I didn't spot this opportunity but haven't managed to finalise a piece due to work load and half term. Really hope I can pull my socks up during Section 3!

  3. Great collection of surface designs. I'm so thrilled to be a part of this course amongst all these talented artists!

  4. these are all beautiful! Oh My ...I am so behind on the exercises!!!

  5. Thank you for the post ! All designs look so nice ! Maike


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